Management of Confidential Data Exchange

The protection of confidential data exchanges is an important issue that can’t be ignored. Any breach in the transfer of sensitive data can cause costly and permanent reputational damage for any company.

Your employees will have to collect and forward confidential information to various parties. This is for many reasons. This could be client’s bank account information, or residence address, or even a medical record that goes to several hospitals. It could also include employee records provided to government agencies or payroll companies for various reasons.

To reduce the chance of a security breach that could compromise your website, it is important to ensure that sensitive data is transferred via a secure website. This is true, even when your team is working with a third-party who is not familiar with your security protocols.

Make sure that every employee handling confidential information is well-informed about your policies during their onboarding process and must continue to receive updates throughout their tenure. This will enable them to make better decisions when they’re confronted by new information.

To prevent unintentional access to your files to confidential information, ensure that everyone who handles sensitive electronic files is identified individually by a unique password. Physical files should also be stored in a safe or cabinet that is locked and only couriers with confidentiality protocols have access to the files. Encrypting files prior to sending them out is also a good way to prevent unintended disclosure.

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