Investment Fund Management Reports

The quality of investment reports on fund management can play a crucial aspect in attracting and retention of customers. Investors expect to gain a clear understanding of a portfolio’s investment objective cost, risk and risk levels and the performance metrics and details of holdings.

Investors should also have information about the dollar amount of the fees that are attributable to their account in the semi-annual or the annual shareholder report, depending on the business. In the case mutual funds will include a breakdown of the total fees paid by each shareholder, as well as an explanation as to how these fees were allocated in relation to the performance of the fund.

Many businesses might have difficulty providing this information as part of a general data room investment banking performance report. The majority of investors have their funds in omnibus account with broker-dealers. To provide personalised fee information, brokers must establish interfaces with the record owners of these accounts to calculate and distribute this information to each shareholder.

Technology is readily available to enable these demanding reporting needs to be met without requiring costly redesign of internal systems. Clearwater Analytics is an industry-leading SaaS solution that allows growth for over 1,100 clients including pension plans, governments globally-based insurers, as well as asset managers. Our platform is fully integrated into the market-leading suite of Broadridge’s Analytics Master Data Warehouse and is accessible via a mobile and web-based dashboard application. This enables the delivery of high-quality investment-performance-net-of-fees and other reporting outputs for both client and regulatory purposes.

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