Global Outsourcing: The Rise, Business Impact, and Future Trends

The world of cybersecurity is rapidly changing, and it’s only going to become more dynamic as we move into 2023. As more organisations outsource their security needs, we’re likely to see an increase in cybersecurity outsourcing trends. We can expect to see future trends of outsourcing a larger emphasis on using cloud-based security solutions, as well as more sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies. As the data from the GSA report reveals, 83% of respondents believe RPA will be of greater significance over the next decade.

future trends of outsourcing

Paying for results sounds so much more promising than paying for programming hours. Time-and-material and fixed-price contracts are still the most common model in the outsourcing industry. When outsourcing, businesses are able to remain focused on the critical internal functions of the organization. In fact, outsourcing non-core business processes is often more cost-effective.

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Let’s explore some of the emerging trends and predictions in IT outsourcing, which will likely shape the future of global businesses in 2023 and beyond. Now that you’re aware of the top outsourcing trends for 2021 and beyond, your next step is to find a reliable BPO company that can help you meet your specific goals. From IT outsourcing to call center solutions, SuperStaff can provide them all. Our collection of outsourcing trends seems destined to continue and even to grow beyond 2022. Outsourcing allows people to structure their companies in an extremely flexible way.

Outsourcing has revolutionized the way business is done in almost all sectors. Hence, companies that are more stable and competent in enabling crucial functions outsourcing are predisposed to a competitive advantage. If you want to learn more about what to expect in fintech, check out our article on embedded finance in 2023 to know what to expect. Please visit our portfolio to know more about us and the solutions we provide. To see how this outsourcing approach looks in the real world, consider the following three case studies.

Outsourcing Services

The latest augment in technology, and software has now made it possible for the staffs and employees to work as employees with a firm. The availability of project management tools and other efficacious programming has made the process of real-time monitoring quite simple and easy. The upcoming outsourcing trends 2018 will certainly see a steep rise in virtual agents. The 2016 global outsourcing survey by Deloitte revealed that clients now expect enhanced and specialized services from outsourced consultants. More and more business catering to different fields are now opting for outsourcing to offer improved and far better value-added services to clients.

This means that the security of data will be more secure and protected against malicious actors. We can also expect to see an increased focus on identity and access management, as well as an increase in the adoption of zero-trust architecture. Blockchain systems will be implemented to help maintain and track the custody of data to ensure that the data remains intact and untampered with. An offshore team can help a small company be competitive and look sharp even when the competition is huge. Outsourcing software development helps level the playing field and gives small businesses advantages that were previously unimaginable. A custom app, for example, can make a small outfit look as professional as the corporate giants.

Beyond outsourcing: Entering a new sourcing ecosystem

Even if the effects of the pandemic begin to fade away (which is in doubt since the discovery and surge of the Omicron variant), there are likely to be long-lasting impacts on the global labor market. Finding and keeping talent was even more difficult than usual for the outsourcing and BPO industry in 2021. Health concerns, quarantine measures, economic pressures, and remote work all contributed to historic labor shortages.

They wanted to do this to grow their company, save time, and gain access to experts from around the world. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is when you outsource activities such as using data to give insights into your business, and it has been shown to be very effective in recent years. With the acceptance that remote work is here to stay and that there will continue to be a huge role for working outside of a traditional environment, it is inevitable that companies continue to shift to this way of working. When the pandemic hit, the majority of workspaces were forced into remote working for their employees.

Trend 2: Greater Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation

Big companies with a lot of employees tend to take a long time to get stuff done. They have to take a lot of time to train their staff, as well as introducing management systems, and even sourcing a location for offices, warehouses or other business premises. For example, a design company offering graphics may wish to start to offer web design services, but they don’t necessarily have to take on employees or structure their business in a way that adds a web design department.

future trends of outsourcing

Most of their tasks include making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts and making travel arrangements. Bilingual assistants, in particular, are virtual assistants who can speak more than one language. With the growing Hispanic population in the U.S., this is very valuable to businesses in America. They can reach the Hispanic audience living in the U.S. and also expand their businesses to Latin America.

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These initiatives not only showcase their dedication to CSR, but they also have a positive impact on society and the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a voluntary approach adopted by businesses to demonstrate their commitment to society and the environment. It involves a company taking responsibility for its impact on society and the environment beyond its primary objective of generating profits.

  • This is why it is one of the growing trends in outsourcing in 2022, it allows people to focus more on what they are good at.
  • That’s particularly true of companies accelerating or rethinking transformation agendas.
  • According to a survey by Deloitte, 90% of businesses consider cloud computing a critical enabler for their outsourcing efforts.
  • Some organizations may not have the in-house capabilities to source providers for next-generation digital services.
  • It was a gradual process that evolved with time and as per the latest requirement of the industry.
  • For example; instead of call center executive, now IVR itself provides basic information to the customers while connecting them to the real call center executive as per his requirements.

KPMG has specialized teams of experienced outsourcing professionals ready to help. Let’s set up some time to talk about your unique needs and work together toward a successful future. The latest statistics have indicated 63% of the outsourcing consultants expect their clients marketing to increase dramatically in 2019 and in 2020 as well. According to a report by ICIMS, in the past three years, US employers have only been able to hire 60% of the necessary tech talent despite receiving twice the number of applicants for open positions. This shortage of qualified candidates has led to difficulty in filling these roles.

Lessons from Our Clients: How to Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Vendor

Thus, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented in 2018, obliges all companies, regardless of their location, to protect the gained data. Therefore, innovative IT companies are implementing a multi-level security approach with the help of outsourced cybersecurity services to eliminate risks, guard business data, meet compliance standards, and scale operations. According to the research conducted by Computer Economics, during the last year, the amount of security work outsourced increased. In summary, the future trends of outsourcing include a strong emphasis on data security. By partnering with outsourced cybersecurity services, companies have an opportunity to proactively address risks, meet compliance requirements, and ensure the scalability of their operations.

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