Board Room Software – How it Can Help Your Board Make Better Decisions

Board room software is a centralized cloud platform used by people at the top of the organizational the hierarchy (directors CFOs, CEOs, CFOs chairmen, etc.). It assists them in reducing their workload and make better decisions. The best board portals offer a wide range of tools for both the administrative staff that manages the business behind the scenes, and the directors that make the important decisions.

Board members have centralized access to meeting materials, emails sent by other directors and executives organization policies, as well as their own assignments. They can also edit, share and search for documents quickly. This is essential, especially if you travel frequently and need to meet at times that aren’t scheduled.

A simple agenda template can help administrators to arrange all the information and create a clear structure for the minutes of board meeting. They can also upload documents that require signature and forward the documents to directors by email. Directors can sign their name on the document with just a single click, without needing to download and open it. This eliminates the possibility of sending confidential information to an unintentional recipient.

During the meeting, it’s simple to share and make comments on documents with a variety of annotation tools. Page synchronization and the laser pointer tool let directors look over and annotate their books on any device. Minutes of meetings are quickly and securely compiled and shared after the meeting. Directors can also sign off on minutes after the meeting with a single click. If a director’s computer is stolen the remote wipe feature can erase all local data.

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